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Name;My real name is Lydeen, but all of my friends call me beanz. Call me whatever you want.
When did you start liking MCR?;I was on some site and this girl has I'm not okay playing and I laughed so hard at the video so I checked out the band.
Why did you decide to join?;Cause this community looked pretty gosh darn rad to me.
Favorite song(s);Skylines And Turnstiles,Headfirst For Halos,The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You,Cemetery Drive, and All I Want For Christmas Is makes me smile.
Favorite album;Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge,mainly because of the lyrics, and to me it's just kidn of showing that they've matured
Image hosted by[left]
Image hosted by
[I'm really not the femme it's just Iwas super bored so I was femme for like 5 seconds]
Any extra information;I've seen them 3 times this year and I've got a myspace so add me if you want.

Find me on MySpace and be my friend!
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